Wood cremation urn - #140a- White Birch 6,75 x 10in.

Wood Cremation Colored White Birch – no. 140

Dimension :  6,75 in. x 10 in.

Wood : coloured with water soluble tint, white birch

Other détails : the urn capacity is around 160 cubic in.

Price:  $ 250.00 CDN

For clients in Quebec the charge is $20 and the shipping delay is 2 to 4 days.

For clients outside of QUEBEC you have to contact us for a delivery charge that will be added to your bill and for a shipping delay.

The body mass of  humans is made of about 80% of water, witch will evaporate with the incineration. The cremation is made at a temperature of 1000 Celsius degree. At that temperature every thing is disintegrated witch will leave only the bones, that will represent a body volume of about 1 cubic inch.